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Mackenzie King Estate   

Gatineau Park, Chelsea / Gatineau (Québec)
819 827-2020 / 1 800 465-1867 –

Admission Fee – Open daily from May 20 to October 16, 2016

Vehicle Access Fee. Museums closed on Tuesdays.

In the heart of the Gatineau Park, the Capital Region’s conservation park, discover the magic of the Mackenzie King Estate, with its romantic gardens and picturesque ruins – once the cherished refuge of Canada’s longest-serving Prime Minister. Drop in for tea at the Mackenzie King Tearoom. New this year, experience the renewed Mackenzie King Estate and visit the restored Kingswood cottages.




Mackenzie-King Estate
Located on the doorstep of Ottawa-Gatineau is the estate that William Lyon Mackenzie King bequeathed to his fellow citizens – an estate that for nearly half a century was the residence he so cherished. The property bears witness to his brilliant political career, the distinguished guests he invited here and, above all, his exceptional personality. With the sensitivity of an artist, this eminent politician transformed virtually virgin terrain into an extraordinary Romantic estate, dotted with ruins and charming symbols of days gone by.







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